Getting the Most from Oura Ring

Sharing a throwback video from March 2021, where I interviewed Brian Gilan Senior Product Manager at Oura Ring about all things Oura Ring (a sleep and performance wearable technology).  

Oura is a key piece of tech we teach you how to get the most from as part of iAMconnected’s 6WC. Oura is one of many wearable tech devices we integrate with the iAMconnected platform.  

Tip: Watch video on 1.75 speed to maximise your time efficiency 

Key discussion points are time marked below:

0:30 Welcome Brian Gilan 

3:30: Why A Ring

5:10: Understand the technology and what Oura measures

7:10: Accuracy of Oura

12:30: Sleep, Readiness, Activity Scores

14:45: Oura as a tool for Wellbeing and Performance 

17:00: Using Tags in Oura

23:00: AUtomatic Activity Detection

24:20: Benchmarks for wellbeing and performance across Sleep, Readiness, Activity Scores 

28:30: Onboarding questions

29:30: Percent of efficiency vs sleep score

30:30: Algorithm for restful moments & sleep

32:30: Oura and lucid dreaming 

37:10: Body Temperature

38:50: Why is Oura tech superior to other wearables 

41:20: Upcoming features 

42:45: Tracking menstruation cycle & Women’s health

47:30: Tracking daytime metrics

49:10: Oura as a step tracker

50:50: Wrap up 

On November 16, 2021 (8 months after this video was recorded), Oura released Oura Gen 3. A detailed breakdown of the tech upgrades and applications can be found here – Meet Gen 3

Keep an eye out for an upcoming Oura interview soon

If you have any questions on anything Oura, please feel free to reach out

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