Learn from and share with other high performers

Become What You Can Become

It’s more than Biohacking, it’s about self realisation across body, mind and soul.
We are a community of Highperformers, Biohackers, Meditators, Psychonauts, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Explorers coming together to share our best information, support, connections, tips, tricks, whilst holding each other accountable on the path to becoming what we can become.

A Mastermind is the principle through which you can accomplish more in one year than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime if you depended entirely on your own efforts for success.

This Mastermind is for you, if you are (or desire to be):

  • Obsessed with growth, self development and realising your potential 
  • Using wearable technologies to measure your day to day wellbeing and performance metrics
  • Are already biohacking and self optimising 
  • A high performer looking for even more out of wellbeing and performance 
  • Looking for a community of people just like you who can propel you forward
  • Willing to share your insights for self optimisation and open to learning from those around you

What it helps you achieve:

Our Mastermind supports you to:
  • Accelerate your learning across multiple topics relevant to self optimisation
  • Optimise your key wellbeing and performance biometrics 
  • Adopt new habits quickly supported by other masterminders
  • Be accountable to your intentions 
  • Build a friends network of other high performers around the world
  • Move beyond blocks
  • Gain insights from others

What our members are saying:

“Working with iAMconnected has been very motivating for me. It’s helped me keep on track for my goals in so many different ways. Since signing up with them, I’ve been meeting my work-related goals, as well as getting more sleep, meditating consistently, and overall have enjoyed an increased sense of well-being. Troy is an exceptional coach. He challenges us, while maintaining a strong sense of safety, support and connection. I cannot say enough good things about Troy and iAMconnected.”
Noriko – Surgeon. California
I am very happy to have subscribed to IAMconnected. I discovered other domains I never thought about. It helps me to improve and questioned my behavior in several dimensions : health, job, leasure, personal project… I feel sustained in my quest and projects.
Christophe – Theatre. Switzerland

How it works

iAMconnected Underground Mastermind gives you the connection and resources to propel you:
  • Brains Trust: Meet weekly online for1 hour with up to 5 other high performers to checkin on your key biometrics, share insights, learnings on biohacks, gained knowledge, journeys and so much more. Fast pace but super impactful. 
  • Tools: Integrate the data from your wearable technologies into the iAMconnected platform. Where you’ll have your own personalised dashboard of your key biometrics and insights. See all your data in the one place which can be shared at the mastermind meeting
  • Next Level Support / Accountability: Through the iAMconnected platform you can share your dashboard with other mastermind members for greater insights and accountability (optional) 

How to get started

If the Underground Mastermind resonates with you and you are ready to be involved with others in a structured and powerful way for faster gains, then express your interest below
Complete the application form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours with the next step.
If you are not yet ready, but have questions, email