6 Week Challenge

Using Transformative Technologies to level up your Wellbeing, Performance and Potential
6WC is a 6 week training program, where we get you set up with key Transformative Technologies, understanding your data and with the support of experts make changes to your day to day based on what the data is showing us – to elevate your health, wellbeing, day to day performance and potential

Who it's for

High performers. Are you a high performer?! Let’s be honest we can all be a high performer in one area of our lives but other areas of our life may be letting us down. Regardless it all starts by understanding what is happening on the inside (interesting that in society it’s not something we’ve been trained to pay attention to, until something is broken, but yet it forms the foundation for how we show up on the outside). Using Transformative Technologies we create a closed feedback loop, where your data supports our expert team to objectively understand what is happening for you and support your transformation into better health (mental and physical), wellbeing, performance and potential
In essence it’s anyone who is passionate about self growth and using the latest technologies (with the support of experts) to become what they can become.

What it helps them achieve

6WC helps support you to get started:
  • Using Transformative Technologies to create a closed feedback loop, so that we can change our behaviours in real time, before situations become chronic
  • Understanding and optimize sleep patterns
  • Developing a daily practice of meditation (amongst so many things, meditation is learning to influence our brainwave states for greater flow and wellbeing)  
  • Understanding some of the unconscious patterns, programs you are running that are holding you back 
  • Using the data to understand which biotests to prioritise 
  • Supporting positive habit formation
  • Connecting to a community of other high performers on their way to realizing their potential

What our previous participants are saying

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How it works

Our getting started program gives you everything you need to get you started with Transformative Technologies :
  • Content: 6 x Weekly Group Training Sessions 
    1. Getting set up with the technology & understanding the data,
    2. Understanding your brainwave states, 
    3. Sleep optimisation, 
    4. Meditation,
    5. Recovery, 
    6. Biotesting.
  • Tools: Wearable technologies including:
    1. Oura Ring to track sleep, recovery and activity.
    2. Muse EEG meditation device to support meditation practice.
    3. Dashboard of your key data metrics via iAMconnected’s integrative platform. Shared with your coach, we’ll have all the tools required for us to support and objectively monitor your progress over the 6 weeks.
  • Coaching: 3 x 1 hour fortnightly 1:1 coaching calls to teach you how to understand your specific data from the Transformative Tech and work through personalised interventions
  • Support / Accountability: Get daily support from one of our highly skilled coaches via your DailyLog™ on the iAMconnected platform.
  • Community: Connect with other members of the iAMconnected community

What we measure and why

As part of the 6WC, here are some (you maybe recommended other options) of the things we can measure and why
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How to get started

If you are someone who is constantly asking more of yourself, whether for health, your business / career, your relationships or to just be more of your potential, our team of experts can help you get you started, using Transformative Technologies to accelerate your transformation and overcome the hidden obstacles that are holding you back.
If you’d like to be part of our community of high performers, unlocking more of their potential, schedule a call using the calendar below, and somebody from our team will meet with you on Zoom to see if the 6WC is a good fit. If you have any questions, email info@iamconnected.com.